Top 10 bars in Prague

Whether you’re looking for a famous Czech beer or their popular Kofola drink, there’s a lot of choice for great places to enjoy a drink in Prague. Check out our guide of the top 10 Bars in Prague.

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What and Where to Eat in Prague

What and where to eat in Prague

The Czech capital may have a reputation for great beer, but its cuisine is a close second. With a rich tradition of cooking and huge hearty meals, there is a plenty to tuck into. Here are our recommendations of what and where to eat in Prague.



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Enjoy Prague Like a Local

The Czech capital is famous for its beautiful bridges, the oldest castle in the world, Kafka and great beer, but there is more than just pivo and outstanding architecture to this romantic destination.

The ‘Golden City’
A beautiful capital packed with historical monuments, museums and old town allure; Prague lies on the Vltava River and has well preserved districts that make it a photographer’s dream. The stunning architecture and cobbled streets with horse drawn carriages make it a charming tourist attraction, with the main sites busy all year round. Take a break from the tourist trail and try something a little different; enjoy Prague like a local.

Yarga River

Yarga River with the famous Charles Bridge

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