Visiting The Souk in Marrakech

Marrakech is a major tourist destination, which attracts a large number of tourists at almost any time of the year. Although the activities to do there are very varied, in this article we will focus on one of the tourist’s great favourites, in the visit to the Souk.

From Equity Point Marrakech we will provide you with information of interest if you are thinking of visiting one of the most touristic places of even, the whole African continent.

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Day trips from Marrakech: Essaouira

Essaouira is a nice option to visit the Moroccan coast, the city center was declared as historical World Heritage Site. You can get there from Marrakech hostels by road, by own car or one of the numerous buses or taxis that covers this highway.


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Day Trips from Marrakech

Marrakech is a city rich with culture and sites but also sits in the Atlas mountains and is a perfect base for exploring the deserts and valleys nearby. Here are our favourite day trips from Marrakech.

Marrakech Day Trips

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