The British Museum


The British Museum’ is one of the mayor museums in London and a must for a first time visit to London. The ‘British Museum’ is the museum of human history and culture and has one of the largest collections in the world with objects from all eras and cultures.

In the same building you can find the previous location of the British Library, an awesome space called The Round Reading Room. In the past it was used as an important research library but now it’s opened to the general public and has relevant books on subjects related to the museum’s collections.

Round Reading Room

round reading room

‘The British Museum’ is one of the largest antiques museums in the world. But unlikely other similar important museums, such as the Louvre in Paris on the Metropolitan in New York, ‘The British Museum’ doesn’t have many paintings.

The British Museum’ is well known in the world for its permanent collections such as the Ancient Eqypt and Sudan which includes the Rosetta Stone, the bust of Ramesses II… The Greek, Roman and Mesopotamian antiques complete the ancient eras. Then there are departments of history of Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

All the permanent exhibitions are free.
Open every day from 10 to 17:30.
Web: British Museum

Great Russell Street,
London WC1B 3DG

Close underground stops:
Tottenham Court Road
Russell Square

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