The best ice skate rinks in London


Like every November the ice skate rinks in London are opening for the season that will end in March. It’s always a pleasure to spend a cold evening skating outdoors, so if you come to visit us this winter at our London Hostel don’t forget to some time skating.

There are many ice skate rinks in London but here’s a list with the most incredible ones:

  • Winter Wonderland: A skate rink cannot be better than Winter Wonderland. The atmosphere after it gets dark becomes something special. It has an observation wheel and it always comes with a circus and some attractions, each one priced separately but the access is free. In any case, the best of it all is that it’s only a few minutes walking from Equity Point London Hostel.
  • London Eye Ice Rink: One of the great attractions of London, the London Eye, ads some winter attractions with a skate rink. If you’re attending London Eye this winter, remember to book also a round of skate.
  • Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink: It’s probably the most picturesque location of all with the views of Henry VIII pad. It allows wheelchairs in the rink except for the last session.
  • O2 Christmas Fair: If you want to ice skate but you also want to do it in a very special Christmas environment with loads of events, including Santa of course, this is your spot. This is the perfect place to have some Christmas fun.
  • Natural History Museum Ice Rink: There are two rinks, a really big one for adults and a smaller one for children. The views are incredible and they also book private sessions.

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