Spotting Tom Cruise at the airport

Marta, our Area Manager-Controller, is always travelling around the world from an Equity Point hostel to another. She’s used to the inconveniences of constant flying, but today I’ve received an email telling me that she has fallen in love in an airport with Tom Cruise!

She and Clara, our Area Manager-Expansion, spotted him on the airport and they say Tom is even more handsome in person. Now half of the office staff is green with envy.

Have you watch “Up In The Air”?

Some people recommend me once to watch it. When you say people that I travel once a month to visit one of the hostels Equity Point runs I don’t know what they imagine. Maybe they think that as frequent flyers we sit next to the pilot and we have a coffee while we say hello from the window to other planes. Hey Tom, where are you flying today?

Travelling for work purposes is… boring. Long waits, queues, people talking about holidays. Doesn’t matter where you go it takes ages.

But last Sunday was different as I fall in love. I was travelling with a colleague to London to visit Equity Point London. When we arrive to Luton airport and while standing at the passport queue I saw that an extremely hot guy was walking on the opposite way to us. I easily recognize him but I thought it couldn’t be real. When he was just in front of us, someone behind us said: Hey, Tom… I open my mouth to say something but the only word it came was WOW! My colleague also said: OH WOW! And that was all… he walk by, smiling and shaking hands with people around us. I don’t think I close my mouth until he left.

It was Tom Cruise and although I fell in love I don’t think he even see me.

I don’t think I will watch “Up In The Air” but sure I will watch all his movies trying to imagine how it could have been my live if I could say something more than WOW… next time I meet him I’ll be ready… maybe on my way to Equity Point New York next month?

¿Have you ever meet any celebrity at the airport?

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