Where to Eat in Marrakech

Find out the delights of Moroccan cuisine in our guide to what and where to eat in Marrakech, from cafes and crepes to Djemma al Fna food stalls.
Traditional Moroccan dinner

Traditional Moroccan dinner by Arvind Grover

Traditional Moroccan Food


Zaalook, Zaatar, Mrouzia; it all sounds a world away, but traditional Moroccan cooking combines some familiar ingredients not dissimilar to Mediterranean cuisine with some zingy fresh herbs and spices. Expect lots of cumin, coriander and mint to flavour these sumptuous meals, often involving a selection of cold snacks followed by a chicken, meat or fish tajine – a couscous covered dish with stewed vegetables, or barbecued meats. They also love bread, sweets and crepes – influenced by the French. It’s also a great place to eat for vegetarians with salads, lentils and baked vegetables. All followed with some fresh mint tea.


Here are some of our favourite spots and what to enjoy there.


What to Eat in Djemma al Fna, the Medina


You will of course smell the fragrant food in the Medina before seeing it, with great clouds of smoke wafting from the barbecue grills (grillades) and the most amazing wafts of delicious cooking in the air. This central square is a must for experiencing – if the sheer number of Merguez sausages swinging from the stalls is too daunting, then grab a freshly squeezed orange juice or have a mint tea on the sidelines and just spectate.


There are so many stalls here serving a variety of barbecued meats and salads, but it is mostly tourists that eat here rather than Moroccans. However, it’s a great atmosphere and worth trying a variety of barbecue dishes, but make sure your food is cooked fresh and thoroughly or it might ruin your holiday! This is not the place to be getting Tajine but they do have a couple of good fresh fish stalls.
"A food stall, Djemma el Fna, Marrakesh (5367527033)" by Michal Osmenda from Brussels, Belgium - A food stall, Djemma el Fna, MarrakeshUploaded by russavia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:A_food_stall,_Djemma_el_Fna,_Marrakesh_(5367527033).jpg#/media/File:A_food_stall,_Djemma_el_Fna,_Marrakesh_(5367527033).jpg

A food stall, Djemma el Fna, by Michal Osmenda

Food Stalls in Djemma al Fna 
We recommend trying Stall 93 or 31 for their barbecue grills, and Stall 14 for their fish. Check what’s on display that day though, and if it’s more of a Moroccan clientele than tourists, that’s a good sign!
Djemma al Fna

Djemma al Fna

 Restaurants with Moroccan food

Many locals prefer to eat traditional food at home and go out for something more international and there are some great restaurants from Italian pizzas to sushi, but for a more traditional meal, try one of these.

First up is the cosy Chez Chegrouni – it doesn’t look much and your order will be on a napkin, but this favourite has a small terrace and is popular for it’s cheap and good dishes. They have a range of tagines, salads, grilled meats and soups. Try one of their chilled soups if they have them.

Cafe Clock has opened their new restaurant in the Kasbah, and serves a variety of generous food platters and salads. Look out for the camel burger!

Classic Salad with tomato

Classic Salad with tomato

For crepes visit La Creperie de Marrakech on Rue du Capitaine Arrigui for the best crepes in town – They’re also open late. Or try Panna for crepes and ice cream.

Cafe de France in the square is great for it’s views of the Atlas mountains and literary history but still a good place to get some less traditional food, and of course Cafe des Epices is another great place for people watching and having a sandwich on the terrace.
Le Comptoir, Marrakech

Le Comptoir, Marrakech

Le Comptoir is more of an experience than just a meal, this place is famed for it’s theatrical French-Moroccan cuisine. They also have a lounge bar and club where you can enjoy a cocktail and watch belly dancing, live music and extraordinary parties – and the tajine is pretty good too!Bejghueni on Rue Mohamed El Bekal is a great place to have a skewered kebab with salad.

Equity Point Marrakech

Equity Point Hostel Marrakech

Dinner at Equity Point Hostel Marrakech
Our unique hostel offers the fantastic experience of a typical Marrakech dinner with live Moroccan music – with tajin, couscous, lentils and salads. There’s also an a la carte menu of 100Dhs.  All you need to do is book in advance and enjoy!
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