What to do in Marrakech this Summer

The city of souks is lively all year round but there are plenty of sights to see even in the heat of summer. Here are our suggestions of what to do in Marrakech this summer.

Setti Fatma Moussem

The Menara Palace

What to do in Marrakech this Summer

Marrakech’s main square, the Djemma El Fna, is famous for being Marrakech’s beating heart, with fresh orange juice sellers and street theatre by day, and grilled food stalls and lively conversations by night. This is unmissable on any trip to Marrakech, and you will find yourself here with a mint tea enjoying the spectacle many times on a trip to Marrakech. But there are some other things you shouldn’t miss if you’re visiting this summer…

What to do in Marrakech this Summer
What to do in Marrakech this Summer – The Setti Fatma Moussem

In mid August the Setti Fatma Moussem takes place over four days, centered on the Koubba of Setti Fatma. This is one of the three most important festivals in the country and although it is not allowed for the non-Muslims to enter the Koubba, as it is a religious festival, there is also a big celebration and market that take place along with it that are well worth visiting.

What to do in Marrakech this Summer

Get some peace in a shady garden

With the summer heat sometimes a little intense for exploring the city in the middle of the day; get some peace in one of the beautiful gardens. Just outside of the Medina is the exotic Jardin Majorelle, famous for the array of plants and the bright colours. Or try the upmarket La Mamounia Gardens, close to the Medina in the grounds of the hotel.

The Jardin Majorelle was designed as a private home in the 1920’s for French Artists but is now open to the public and also hosts a worth while museum. There are shady cool pools within the garden and amongst the blue and yellow colourful walls there are cactus gardens, and some rare plant species. It’s a unique place to relax outside the buzzing city.

Now a garden open to the public, the La Mamounia Gardens were the former palace and gardens established in the 18th century by the crown prince Mamoun. Enjoy the 20 acre park where you can stroll through the landscaped gardens and see specially planted trees that have been here over 100 years.

What to do in Marrakech this Summer

Visit Marrakech’s Palaces and Saadian Tombs

In the UNESCO World Heritage historic centre of Marrakech you can trace its rich history and former glory through the grandeur of its beautifully crafted Palaces and the famous Saadian Tombs. The 16th century Royal Palace, Badi Palace and Bahia Palace and Saadian Tombs are testament to Marrakech’s important historic past. Opposite are the ancient city’s walls are the 16th Century Saadian Tombs, containing the graves of soldiers and a mausoleum for the Dynastic royalty or Marrakech. The shiny marble building has beautiful mosaics inside, especially in the famous sultan’s grandson’s room.

The Bahia Palace is the most awesome with fine decoration and retaining its majesty and former glory. Look out for the intricate decoration.The Badi Palace was once the seat of power in the city, but now only the impressive gardens and courtyards remain, and a terrace with a view over the Atlas Mountains. The rest of the palace is in ruins. The Royal Palace can only be seen from the exterior but is still impressive from the outside, to the south of the Medina.


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We hope you enjoyed our guide of What to do in Marrakech this Summer!

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