Visiting The Souk in Marrakech

Marrakech is a major tourist destination, which attracts a large number of tourists at almost any time of the year. Although the activities to do there are very varied, in this article we will focus on one of the tourist’s great favourites, in the visit to the Souk.

From Equity Point Marrakech we will provide you with information of interest if you are thinking of visiting one of the most touristic places of even, the whole African continent.

The souk is nothing more than a neighbourhood known for being able to buy any type of product and test our skills to haggle and, above all, spend a fun shopping afternoon.

To get there, you will have to go through Jamaa el Fna Square, in a complete succession of streets that make up a labyrinth. It’s full of shops, as well as some fast food stalls.

Among the most outstanding articles that we can find there, we have from clothes, tea sets, spices typical of the place, classic metal lanterns, djellabas…

To make it easier to find what you are looking for, artisans from the same branch group together in the same areas of the place.


One of the places that tourists like most about the Souk is the market of the dry cleaners. Here we can get their colourful wool characteristics that have dried in the sun, although it is also worthwhile to visit the souk of Henna, where we will discover cosmetic articles that we will not find anywhere else in the world and that enjoy great popularity. Also visit the Tillis souk (specializing in selling carpets) or the Es-Seffarine souk, which specializes in wooden articles.

One tip we give you from Equity Point is that you shouldn’t pay too much attention to tourists and they may end up taking you on a route where you end up in the most expensive shops in the place or where they are interested by reason of the commissions they earn for sending customers to certain stores.

The opening hours of the Souk are every day from 9:00 to 19:00h, although we have to consider that they close on Fridays in the morning for rest.

A key place that we recommend you to visit without any doubt if you are travelling in Morocco or at least intend to do so in the coming weeks or months.

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