Top 10 Bars in Lisbon

The Sunshine Capital has a reputation for throwing a good party, and Lisbon definitely delivers with some great bars and clubs. Check out our list of top 10 bars in Lisbon.

Top 10 Bars in Lisbon


Top 10 Bars in Lisbon

Dubbed the ‘New Barcelona’ for its similar love of sun, sea and fun, Lisbon has plenty to offer visitors, with fewer crowds and reasonable prices. With plenty of charming hilly streets and sea vistas, Lisbon really does provide a great backdrop for a sunset drink. And that is exactly what you should do at the end of a hard day touring the city. As the locals will explain to you – they love to eat good Portuguese food, so if you start off with some sunset drinks and snacks, you will inevitably find yourself in a cool bar with a great crowd. The Barrio Alto district is THE place to start – as you will see from the amount of tables lining the street. Here’s a list of our favourites to help you where to go next!!

1. Loucos e sonhadores

Popcorn, wine, good old fashioned music – this is a great place to come and lounge around in the Barrio Alto. Very relaxed and comfortable, it’s got a Bohemian vibe and great petiscos.

2. Park

Park Restaurant and Bar is actually a garden terrace at the top one of Lisbon’s hills, meaning you get an amazing view with your drink! It’s very popular with locals for the great 180 degree views and also it’s a nice spot to enjoy some palm trees with your sunset hidden from the busy streets beneath.

3. Sol e Pesca

Made big news worldwide by chef Anthony Bourdain’s patronage, this bar has still maintained its local fan base and its charming fishing hut appeal! It’s full of hooks, lines, bait and nets, but it also does great drinks on the waterfront!

Top 10 Bars in Lisbon

Sol e pesca

4. Anos 60 bar

Open until 4am this is a cool place to grab a drink with some jazz or Brazilian music.

5. Musicbox

This is, as the name describes, a great place to go for live music. It’s run by the CLT (Cultural Trend Lisbon group) and has been promoting performances since 2006. Check out their listings online and calendar of events – some of their shows are quite eclectic.

Clubbing the night away

6. Lux

We have to mention Lux Fragil as it’s so famous – yes it’s owned by Hollywood actor John Malkovich and it’s in a former warehouse of cool interconnected rooms on the waterfront – but the best bit of Lux is that it is still has a great atmosphere. The bar upstairs is very chilled whereas downstairs is definitely where the party’s at!!



7. Urban Beach

This beach bar is something else – very VIP and upmarket with a hip crowd and lots of celebrities. Located on the waterfront with plenty of sunset tables, neon lights and big beats – it’s a good place to dress up and dance the night away. There’s also a swimming pool…

Top 10 Bars in Lisbon

Urban Beach Club

Performance and Burlesque

8. Casa Independente

A 19th century palace that has been transformed into a tropical “Independent House”, this is not just a bar but also music, visual arts, a cafe and most of all; people inspiring each other in this cultural environment. They also have great wine.

9. Zé dos Bois Gallery

Hosting outdoor concerts, visual and creative art performances and plenty of music, this is a great place to come and see what’s going down in the Bairro Alto. There’s a pretty interesting crowd here – watch out for the theatre performances.

10. Pensão Amor

This place is worth visiting just for the decor; but stay for the burlesque shows and some great cocktails! There are different rooms so space for lounging, reading, or watching shows. There’s a visual overload here so prepare yourself! Check out the videos on their website and you’ll feel like you’re there already!

That’s our Top 10 Bars in Lisbon!

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 We hope you enjoyed our Top 10 Bars in Lisbon!

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