New Year Celebrations in Europe

If you’re visiting Europe this New Year then expect a big party for New Year’s Eve. Here’s what’s happening in London, Barcelona, Prague, Lisbon and Marrakech this New Year! Check out our guide to New Year celebrations in Europe.

New Year Fireworks in London

New Year Fireworks in London

If you’re spending New Year’s Eve in Europe, here are some of the highlights at our Equity Point locations!

New Year in London

The tradition in London is to gather around the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square, the centre of London, and to sing Auld Lang Syne (a Robert Burns poem) at midnight. There are also the Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks on the river Thames at midnight, but the party starts at 5pm and ends at 2am. The main event takes place opposite Big Ben outside the London Eye, but you can of course see them from all along the river and Southbank. Due to massive crowds you have to get a ticket to go to the event in the central area. The tickets are £10 and you can buy them online here. It’s also tradition to kiss a policeman, but be careful with this one!

Lisbon Fireworks

Lisbon Fireworks

New Year’s Eve in Lisbon

If you’re in Lisbon this New Year then you’re in for a big night! Along with celebrations in bars and clubs all night long, there’s also the big firework display on the waterfront at the Terreiro do Paço near the giant Christmas tree. They are visible from all viewpoints around town also. There are public celebrations taking place in the Parque das Nações also. Don’t miss out on the street parties – they are guaranteed to have a great atmosphere, and the traditional ‘Janeiras’ – a procession of singers through the street who sing traditional carols. The biggest fireworks are in the Terreiro do Paço but with all those fabulous hills you will probably see them all over Lisbon! 

The Portuguese tradition is at midnight you have plenty of champagne and eat 12 raisins – each one represents each month of the coming year. You make a wish with each raisin and hopefully have good luck all year round. Feliz Ano Novo!



New Year in Prague

Prague hosts two main fireworks displays, along with plenty of private displays also, and bars, restaurants and clubs throwing parties all over town. The first display is on the river and can be seen from the river banks or one of the hills around, such as Prague Castle or Petrin Hill. If you can get on a river boat then you’re guaranteed a great view, or Charles Bridge – but it will be very crowded!

The other fireworks around town are at Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square – both very popular with locals and tourists alike. The locals love to set off fireworks so beware in the crowded squares that people are likely to set them off there.

New Year in Marrakech

New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Marrakech with plenty of excitement, despite not being so traditional. All the restaurants and clubs over New Year will be busy so try to book restaurants in advance. Plenty of hotels throw parties also, but there is also a celebration in the main square, with a small firework display.


New Year in Barcelona

For New Year, or Cap d’Any, in Barcelona most people mostly have a family celebration at home with plenty of cava and a big festive meal, then you eat 12 grapes at the 12 chime of the bells at midnight. This is for luck for each month of the coming year. After this the bars and clubs open and it’s time to party until the early hours. It’s also lucky to wear red lingerie (ladies)!

The big fireworks display is not taking place this year, but you can go to see the Magic Fountain colourful display with music at Plaça Espanya. The central square at Plaça de Catalunya and the Ramblas usually sees a crowd of around 50,000 people – it’s crowded! You can bring your own drinks but make sure they’re in plastic containers not glass.

New Year at Equity Point

All our Equity Point Hostels around Europe will be throwing a party for New Year’s Eve – where do you want to go?? Check out London, Lisbon, Marrakech, Prague and Barcelona. Find out where to stay here. Happy New Year from Equity Point!

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016


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