New Year’s Eve free parties


Sometimes is difficult to know where the popular parties are taking place, so today we’ve compiled where the main street parties are taking place in all the cities where there’s an Equity Point Hostel except for Marrakech, where there’s no party –you can always party in the hostel-.

  • Madrid: Everybody goes to Puerta del Sol, close to Equity Point Madrid. Remember to take 12 grapes with you to follow the Spanish tradition. National TV broadcasts this party live.
  • Barcelona: You should go to Plaça Catalunya to welcome the New Year. When the New Year starts the party begins and grows huge until the morning.
  • Girona: Everybody in town welcomes the New Year in front of the Cathedral. Its bells show the year’s end and just after that start the joy and the party.
  • Lisbon: The party in Lisbon is at Praça do Comércio with loads of fun and live music. The New Year arrives with fireworks all along the river.
  • London: All central London becomes a street party, but the main party places are between the Waterloo and Lamberth bridges, the perfect place to watch the New Years fireworks.

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