Marrakech Events in 2016

Rich in historical, cultural and musical festivals, there’s plenty going on in Marrakech for 2016. From the Popular Arts Festival to the Marrakech Film festival, find out what’s happening with Marrakech events in 2016.

The Fantasia

The Fantasia from

There are plenty of festivals taking place in Marrakech in 2016, from the Marrakech Marathon in January to the Dakka Marrakchia music festival to the Marrakech Film Festival – find out about popular arts, traditional music, folk dancing, the Fantasia with their charging horseman and much more!


Marrakech Marathon

Marrakech Marathon courtesy of

Marrakech Marathon

The Marathon takes place on 29th January and is the 26th time the marathon (and half marathon) are run. Over 6,000 participants take part and it’s also an attraction for some of the most prestigious runners from around the world. It’s really busy this time of year as plenty of tourists and locals crowd around to see the marathon in the beautiful city setting.
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The Dakka Marrakchia

Every February there is the enchanting and very traditional Dakka Marrakchia music festival in Marrakech. Dedicated to the patrons of Marrakech, the festival is about locals, from shopkeepers to craftsmen, all playing their role in creating the music. Using traditional percussion instruments such as the lakrakash, tara and taarija along with singing, this festival engages whole neighbourhoods to create traditional Moroccan music with male musicians performing on drums, singing and chanting. This event has deep historical and folkloric roots and is emblematic of Marrakech. If you’re in the city this February don’t miss out on this festival! Find our more about the festival here

Festival National des Arts Populaires

Festival National des Arts Populaires from No Surprise

Marrakech Popular Arts Festival – Festival National des Arts Populaires

In June/ July the traditional Popular Arts Festival takes place over five days, with highlights including Amazigh music, street performances and folk dance performances. The highlight of the festival is the Fantasia, where hundreds of horseman charge around the old city walls at dusk, kicking up dust as they go.


Stars from the Festival

Stars from the Festival

Marrakech Film Festival

The Film Festival takes place every December and celebrates the film industry in Morocco as well as further afield. The festival was created in 2001 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to represent Moroccan Cinema on the world stage. Since 2010 there has also been the Cinécoles award, open to students open from Moroccan cinema schools and aimed to act as a spring board to a career in the movies. For visitors you can see a selection of film premieres and short films, as well as some of the stars of Moroccan Cinema. Find out more about the film festival here

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