What to do in Lisbon with pleasant weather

What to do in Lisbon with pleasant weather.

Lisbon is small enough not to feel overwhelmed by its size, but at the same time it is large enough not to feel isolated or to not have the same services and lifestyle that anybody can have in any other city of Europe. It is one of the preferred destinations for a short holiday as it is the perfect city to visit during two or three days without feeling overwhelm by a huge number of monuments.

What to do in Lisbon with pleasant weather


Its temperature is enviable throughout the year specially during spring. The nightlife and its leisure environment is one very exciting and vibrant, many young people for all over Europe came to visit it. The city has some large shopping centres which are the dream of any shopaholic. And we cannot forget about the beautiful beaches of very good quality a few kilometres from the centre of Lisbon. As far as monuments are concerned, the city of Lisbon is simply stunning.

The ideal city.

It is an ideal city to travel with good weather since you can visit all the monuments on foot, taking a walk around the city or with some tour of those that are made on foot. Its buildings and streets are simply stunning and walking on a sunny day in the city is a pleasure you cannot miss. In addition, as we have already mentioned, there are very close beaches in which you can take advantage of the sun next to the Atlantic waters next to the mouth of the Tagus.

Also outside the historical center, there are other very interesting areas to visit in Lisbon. Belém is the most touristy of them.

Torre Belem

Torre Belem. Credit: Bernard Mukarubibi

Lisbon is a very economical city and it is very likely that you want to visit it. Let yourself be carried away by the kindness of its people and the beauty of its streets. It will be an experience that you will never forget.

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