Equity Point brings Castellers (Human Towers) to New York

We will officially inaugurate Equity Point New York Hostel in Times Square this June, even though it’s been opened since November. But by the end of the month it will be completely refurbished.

In the inauguration we will have the Castellers de Vilafranca (a Catalan Human Tower group) as our guests and they will perform some Human Towers in front of Equity Point New York, so everybody will be able to get there and watch them.

You can get to Equity Point New York to watch the spectacle on June 22nd at 9am. We will be waiting for you!!

Building Human Towers is a tradition in Catalonia –the homeland of Equity Point Hostels- where each city has its own Human Tower Group and they compete between cities to build the highest one.

We have some more surprises prepared for Equity Point New York inauguration!! Stay tuned!

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