Discover the less known corners of Barcelona

Maybe when you stay at Equity Point Barcelona this is not your first visit to the city. Almost all the people who visit Barcelona are delighted and they are looking forward to going back there again and again. That is why, if you already know all the monuments, squares and museums typical of the city, you may be wanting to know the hidden corners that not all tourists know.

If you want to enjoy places that are not the first choice for tourists, you cannot miss the following recommendations:

The best known park in the city is the Parc Güell, but there are other gardens that are very famous among the inhabitants of Barcelona. For example, there are Los Jardines de Laribal where it is located the famous Font del Gat (the cat’s fountain). It is a place where many people gather to eat surrounded by nature on the weekends and this famous fountain is well known within the folklore of Barcelona.

Font del Gat (Barcelona)

Font del Gat (Barcelona)

The Casa Vicens is not usually one of the typical stops for tourists, although it is a magnificent work of architecture of Gaudí. The house has an exotic and oriental air different from all the others. In addition, it is not near the centre and the most touristic area. It is for this reason that you can enjoy this building without the massification of tourists.

Casa Vicens (Barcelona)

Casa Vicens (Barcelona)

Everyone who knows Barcelona has been fascinated walking the Gothic Quarter, which is why many choose to stay in hostels near this area like Equity Point. What not everyone knows is that there is a corner inside the neighbourhood, in a medieval courtyard, where you can see columns of more than nine meters high and 2000 years old. These columns are the only remaining remains of an ancient Temple of Augustus. You can see them on Calle Paradís number 10.

Temple d'August (Barcelona)

Temple d’August (Barcelona)

Barcelona is a city that hides many secrets, therefore, this city is ideal for the more adventurous tourists. Have you discovered any secret place in Barcelona?


Don’t forget all these places and make the most of your visit!

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