Day Trips from Prague

Day Trips from Prague

If you’re visiting the Czech capital then why not explore some of Bohemia and the nearby gems it has to offer with our day trips from Prague.


With a rich history and bohemian culture, there are plenty of places that are only a quick trip from Prague. Check out the castles, bone churches, spa towns and picturesque villages that surround the city and are only a short trip from town.

Ceský Krumlov

This UNESCO site is located south of Prague in the heart of Bohemia and is famous for its renaissance architecture and preserved old town charm and winding streets. The Castle dates back to 1240 and has splendid rococo gardens to visit, as well as a Baroque theatre from the 17th century where there are still some candle-lit performances each year. There are lots of restaurants in the area especially on the riverside where you can enjoy the view of the Vlatva. There are plenty of festivals held here each year, including the midsummer festival in June – the Five-Petalled Rose Festival. Nearby there is a museum to painter Ego Schiele who lived in this town.


Karlov Vary

This spa town with its 13 home mineral springs is such a big deal in Bohemia that it has a ceremonial opening for the spa season in May. This year it’s 6-8th May and you can see a parade on horseback through the town to bless the mineral springs.

Set in West Bohemia (and part of a triangle of three spa towns) it is nestled in the forest and has had a lot of famous visitors to its well manicured spas. It’s a beautiful town so well worth a visit for some relaxing and curative treatment!

Find out how to get there here – Karlovy Vary is easily accessible by bus  from the Florenc Terminal

Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Czech beer lives up to its reputation and the brewery town of Pilsen is a great place to go and affirm that with a tour and taste of their legendary lager. Beginning their brewing history in 1839 the Pilsen brewery was born and has since become the biggest producer and exporter in the Czech Republic. A one hour bus ride form town will take you to the brewery where you can join the tour and find out all about the brewer and beer making history – and of course free samples at the end! Find out more here.

Pilsner Urquell

Kutna Hora and The Ossuary at Sedlec

From here you can also visit the UNESCO town of Kutna Hora in Central Bohemia, famous for its Gothic architecture and silver mine. En route to Kutna Hora you can visit the famous Medieval Gothic Chapel known as the Bone Church (Ossuary) at Sedlec. It’s decorated with the bones of 40,000 human from the adjacent cemetery. Mystical and very macabre but also interesting to see. Find out more here


Bone Church

Karlstejn Castle

Less than an hour from Prague, you can visit the spectacular castle of Karlstejn. Built in the 14th century the castle is high above the surrounding forests on a fortified hill top – overlooking the surrounding countryside. It’s a charming medieval experience to visit all the inside, adorned with paintings, jewels including the replica crown and frescos. Find out about events at the castle and how to get there here


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