Day trips from Barcelona: Girona

The guests of Hostels Barcelona make frequent visits to Girona, a city located in the north of Barcelona that has a fantastic coastline and numerous activities to do. In addition to its coastal landscape, it has very striking natural sites such as its Natural Parks and a volcanic area, La Garrotxa.

Day trips from Barcelona: Girona

The most adventurous visitors take advantage of its proximity to the Catalan Pyrenees for skiing and skiing. Despite this winter tourism, it is worth to discover that it also has some perfect beaches to spend a day on its shores.

Girona's views

Girona’s views

This city has one of the most important patrimonies of Catalonia, with some buildings very conserved that evoke to the medieval time. It also has previous elements like the wall that delimits the city by the East. In the enclosure that surrounds the wall, you can discover its famous cathedral whose Gothic nave is the second widest after the one located in the Vatican Basilica. One of the most beautiful times to visit its old town is in the ‘Time of Flowers’, as the city is full of color, smell, music, emotions…

Girona also has Jewish influence, until the fifteenth century they lived in a small community in the streets of the Call known as the Jewish quarter. It is one of the best conserved of Spain, it has a synagogue and rest of their architecture. Near this area, there are Arab baths dating back to the 12th century.

Onyar River (Girona)

Onyar River (Girona)

Girona is called the ‘City of the Four Rivers’, one of them, Onyar, when crossing the city separates the city in its oldest part and its modern urban nucleus. In addition, the construction of houses on its banks throughout the centuries leaves an emblematic stamp, the houses hanging from the river Onyar.

If you are looking for cultural activities as a tourist, in its theatre of the eighteenth century, there are very attractive and varied works. If you are looking for a more active and sporting tourism, you have multiple routes and activities to spend a fun day in Girona’s natural settings. It is highly recommended to our guest in Barcelona, people who stays for example at Equity Point Centric.

Don’t forget all these places and make the most of your visit!

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