A Romantic Weekend in Girona

Voted the ‘Most Romantic City in Europe in 2015’ by European Best Destinations, this Catalan city is a great weekend getaway, filled with history, culture, great food and of course, romance! Check out our top ten thing to do on a budget for a romantic weekend in Girona.
View of Girona

View of Girona

Girona is a good looking city, famed for its colourful waterfront buildings and the rivers running through the town. Enjoy a weekend here at your own pace in this Spanish gem. Just watch out for the Game Of Throne fans as Girona is starring as a film set for the popular TV series!


1. Stroll through the Old Town
‘The City of 1,000 Sieges’ has a beautiful historic old town, with a mixture or Roman, medieval and Modernist architecture. Take a stroll through the Old Town, or Casc Antic as it is known and get lost in the twists and turns of the cobbled streets. The views are great from the winding hills, and you’ll find lots of boutiques and workshops with tempting gifts and handicrafts too.


2. Enjoy the View from the Bridge
The River Onyar winds its way through Girona’s old town, one of 4 rivers in Girona, providing it with the picture postcard views of the 12th century hanging houses. Enjoy the iconic view of Girona from the Eiffel Bridge (an iron bridge). It’s also a great spot at night to see the city lit up, stop here for a glance at the lights beneath the stars.



Girona, view from the Eiffel Bridge over the River Onyar

3. Table for Two on the Terrace
When your feet need a break from walking around town, there’s a great square in the Girona to enjoy a coffee in the shade and watch the world go by. In the famous shopping district, the Placa de la Independencia is full of boutiques and cafes, and a great meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Take a table for two and enjoy a relaxed drink on the terrace and a traditional Xuixo pastry, soaking up Girona’s atmosphere and enjoying the city’s romance.


4. A Romantic Walk on the River
Wandering alone the river banks of Girona is a great way to see the city from the water, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the waterfront. There are several bridges along the Onyar to enjoy the changing views of the city, with a host of cafes and a charming riverside market too.

5. The Cathedral Steps

Similar to the famous Spanish Steps in Rome, the sweeping staircase that flows down from in front of Cathedral of Santa Maria de Girona to the Old Town below has a certain romance, and a beautiful view of the city 91 steps below. In Spring these are filled with flowers and quite romantic, in autumn you can see the leaves changing on the distant hills. A very romantic spot!

6. The Gardens & Baths

The Força Vella, the Roman fortified enclosure, dates back over 2000 years and is a great place to wonder around and breathe in the history of Girona. There are additions from the 14th and 15th centuries but it’s very well preserved. Here you can also find the Arab Baths, dating from the 12th century and inspired by the former Roman baths.

7. Sunset from the Old Walls

The old fortified walls form a path – the Passeig de la Muralla – encircling Girona’s old town and providing a great perimeter to explore the city from up high. The Roman walls have spectacular views from their towers and the extensions added in the Medieval period means it can be used as a walkway around the city, dating back to the 9th century. With Girona’s Cathedral perched on the hillside and the Casc Antic tumbling down the hill, the view from the walls is a wonderful place to catch sunset. Sit back and relax and enjoy the sun dipping below the mountains in the distance.
Pinchos in Girona

Pinchos in Girona


8. Aperatif with a view
Girona is full of riverside cafes and bars, and with so many good places to have a sunset drink, you’ll want to try more than one. Taste a vermut (vermouth) or aperitif in Cafe le Bistrot or grab a sunset drink at El Doll, a great ceveseria (beer specialist) squeezed beside the river near the Cathedral.


9. Eat dinner at The River’s Café 

Girona’s gastronomy includes many signature dishes of Catalonia and the city is packed with great restaurants, this is just one of many to try! As the name suggests, this place has a great location where can enjoy the large selection of drinks (over 60 types of beer and 30 wines) or dine on the lovely restaurant terrace. If you want to keep it simple, they also have sandwiches and great coffee in their cafe.


Terrace view at Equity Point Girona

Terrace view at Equity Point Girona

10. Stay At Equity Point Hostel
Centrally located in the heart of the Old Town, Equity Point Hostel Girona has a unique location for budget accommodation, with private rooms available. Enjoy the view from the roof terrace of the old town, one of the best in Girona! Book your bed here


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