5 tricks if you want to travel with backpack

Traveling with a backpack is one of the best ways to go anywhere. Although it seems easy, there are some newbie mistakes we can make at any time that will complicate the experience a bit.

From Equity Point we have prepared a list of 5 tricks that will help you if you want to go anywhere with your backpack:

  1. Luggage: A common mistake is to think that if you have a large backpack capacity, it can be filled to the tops. However, the weight is going to be a valuable asset in any case. Imagine, for example, that you are going to visit a big city like Barcelona. If you fill your backpack too much, it won’t take long to get tired of carrying it. It’s worth it to prioritize and leave something at home.
  2. Planning: From the very first moment you have to have an idea of where you are going to go and where you are going to sleep. You should not overbook, as this could make our trip too stressful. Following the above example, if we plan to sleep in the city, we should book in advance in hostels in Barcelona so we can find a good place to sleep.
  3. Money management: You must manage yourself correctly to never run out of cash, but you shouldn’t have to move around with a lot of money either. We recommend that you carry all the money and cards in your wallet, never in your backpack. This way we can have it more controlled, preventing someone from stealing it from us at any time.
  4. Travelling with fellow travellers: The daytrips will be much more fun if we travel with a friend. But never forget the importance of personal space. Everyone should carry their rucksack with the things they will need. This will avoid problems.
  5. Above all, comfort: Choose a backpack that suits your needs, which is comfortable and of high quality, to be able to withstand intense use.

With these advices you have nothing to fear.


Don’t forget all these places and make the most of your visit!

equity point barcelona centric - 5 tricks if you want to travel with backpack

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