5 tricks to save site on your backpack

When we want to make a trip abroad but want to save money and space, we usually resort to using a backpack as luggage. So we will not have to check in the plane and it will be easier to move from one place to another. But one of the biggest drawbacks is how to keep everything you need in our backpack in a simple way and to fit all the essentials on our trip as backpackers.

5 tricks to save site on your backpack


Here we are going to give you some of the best tips to prepare the backpack that you need and to enjoy the maximum of your vacations.

  1. Plan what you are going to take. It is very common to take too many things that we are not even going to use during our stay. That is why we have to make a list of things really necessary to not fill the suitcase with “just in case”, that is, things that occupy space and that we will not be useful.
  2. Wear the heaviest clothing. To make your backpack lighter and save some space, the easiest thing is to wear at the time of travelling the clothes that more space can occupy inside. For example, a thick jacket or sweater or those jeans that weigh so much.
  3. Separate liquids. To avoid laments later, it is best to put all the liquids together in an impermeable bag so that if something spills do not spoil our clothes. In addition, if you are traveling by plane, these liquids must go inside a transparent bag and you must remove them from the backpack during the controls.
  4. Order clothes well. Folding everything well or even use the rolling-up technique. If you do not know this technique, it is a question of rolling up the clothes in a way that takes up less space, but in addition, you will not get wrinkled. In this way you must place all the clothes inside ordering everything and placing the heaviest in the centre and the lightest around to distribute the weight well in the backpack.
  5. Take advantage of all the spaces. You should use each corner of your backpack and avoid having any clear spaces, for example, inside a pair of sneakers you can put the pairs of socks. This way you will use all the space in a functional way.

Don’t forget all these places and make the most of your visit!

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