Gay Pride at Barcelona, Madrid, London and Lisbon

rainbow flag

In the next few days there will be huge parties all around the world celebrating the Gay Pride. The main day is the 28th of June, which commemorates New York’s Stonewall riots on 1969, which started all the gay activism as we know it.

Gay Parades are different at each destination but all of them are full of joy, glam and glitter. If you want to attend to any of them, remember you can find the perfect accommodation at Equity Point Hostels at each of the cities. Even Equity Point Centric in Barcelona is between the Top Ten Gay Hostels form HostelBookers!

  • Marcha do Orgulho LGBT Lisboa: It’s the first one and the shortest of all four cities. Tomorrow 18th of June there will be a parade round the main streets of Lisbon.
  • Pride Barcelona: It also starts tomorrow, but in Barcelona lasts ten days, from 18th to 28th of June. The main parade is on Sunday 26th but there are also parties, concerts, sports and cultural events…
  • Pride London: The London events are from the 24th of June until the 3rd of July and the main parade will be the Saturday 2nd of July. It will have festivals, family events…
  • Orgullo LGBT de Madrid: At Madrid the main parties start the 29th of June and finish the 2nd of July, the day of the big parade. The Madrid parade is the biggest party at the city and almost everybody participates.

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