Free bike tours in Girona

Girona’s council is promoting the city with free electric bike tours until June 30th available to anyone who wants to discover new spots in a city with a lot of history.

There are two different tours. The first one is around the historical centre and lasts approximately 2 hours, while the second one is at Vall de Sant Daniel, and amazing natural environment and takes around 3 hours to complete it.

If you want to know more about Girona, an awesome city with loads of things to discover, this is a great moment. And also remember Equity Point Girona Hostel is located just at the city center.

New York’s best pastrami

New York is an incredible city where it’s easy to find some of the best world meals. But some of them have become so famous that nowadays are New York classics. That’s what has happened with Pastrami.

Pastrami is made with spiced beef meat cooked in the oven for hours to gain a fabulous taste and a really soft texture. Usually it’s eaten in a sandwich and the most famous pastrami in New York is the one served at Katz Delicatessen, even though there are a lot of incredible pastramis such as Carnegie Deli, Artie’s Deli, or Stage Deli.

Katz Delicatessen and its pastrami became worldwide famous when they appeared in the legendary scene of the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’. And yes, it’s the one of the fake…

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Live the F1 in Barcelona

This weekend will take place in Barcelona Spain’s Grand Prix. If you like Formula 1 races you should attend either to the practices, the qualifying or to the race itself.

The experts say that it will be a really interesting race due to the high rate of passing cars outside the DRS zone. And the Ferrari has improved its aerodynamics, so it seems that the competitiveness between Ferrari and Red Bull will grow.

Montmeló circuit its located outside Barcelona but there’s a short train trip that gets you to the circuit. And there’s only a two minute walk to the train station from Equity Point Centric Hostel!!

Temps de Flors. Impressive flower exhibition at Girona

From May 12th to 20th Girona will celebrate its 57th Temps de Flors edition, an impressive flower exhibition that garnishes the whole city with the most amusing flowers giving to it an incredible appearance.

There will be 82 traditional courtyards 27 exhibitions and of course, the gardens. Also on Saturday May 19th all the flower visits and the museums will be open until midnight.

Girona is an amazing city to discover with a Jewish neighborhood that dates from century XII, and a wonderful Cathedral. And the best is that Equity Point Girona Hostel is located at the main city square, at Plaça Catalunya.