A red rose for all our guests on ‘La diada de Sant Jordi’ (St George’s day) – Monday the 23rd of April

The romantic legend of St George slaying the dragon, and presenting his adored princess with a red rose which sprang from the blood of the beast has inspired the most romantic day of the Catalan calendar, rivalling St Valentine’s Day. Gifts exchanged between sweethearts, traditionally roses, is tradition in Catalonia, where Equity Point was born.

Exchanging books is also traditional, which springs from the celebration of the deaths of distinguished authors Miguel Cervantes and Shakespeare on the 23rd of April.

Equity Point would like to share with you this day in all our hostels offering free roses to all our guests.

Feliç dia de Sant Jordi!

Equity Point Marrakech wins Hostelbookers Cleanliness Award for Excellence

A few weeks ago Equity Point Marrakech Hostel won the 2012 Hostelbookers Cleanliness Award for Excellence and we’re really pleased by the recognition.

This award wouldn’t be possible without all the efforts of our Marrakech housekeeping team, the women who work every day at the hostel and that appear in the picture.

Thanks to all the Marrakech staff for all the efforts that had led us to have such a quality hostel.