Equity Point en ‘El Exportador’ de La 2

El pasado sábado se emitió en La 2 el programa ‘El Exportador’ en el que se habla de Equity Point como ejemplo de empresa española en proceso de expansión internacional.

El programa se puede ver online en cualquier momento —Equity Point aparece a partir del minuto 8–, pero además se podrá volver a ver el La 2 el próximo viernes a las 9 de la noche.

The Spanish national TV La 2 broadcasted a program about international Spanish enterprises where Equity Point is featured.

If you’re interested, you can watch the program online at any time —Equity Point starts at minute 8– but you can also watch it on TV again next Friday at 21 hours.

Video | La 2

The best English Breakfast at Paddington


Each country has some unique characteristics that define the spirit of the nation, and you must understand them all to be able to be a traveler instead of a tourist. One way to approach to any culture is through its meals and in England there’s nothing as traditional as English breakfast, or what they call a full breakfast.

The perfect English breakfast doesn’t exist, but you can get pretty close if you are able to choose the correct place to have it, so we’ve decided to help you. We have a secret. We know where to eat a great English breakfast in London and the best of it all is that it’s close to Equity Point London –near Paddington-.
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