Festival dos Oceanos 2011 Lisboa

Tomorrow starts another edition of Festival dos Oceanos in Lisbon –also known as Oceans Festival-, which is a great cultural and entertainment event in Lisbon that takes place each summer. This year it’s the 8th edition and most of the events are free to entry.

Festival dos Oceanos takes place from the 30th July to August 13th with events such as concerts, street performances and entertainment, nights at the museums, fireworks…

The opening concert will take place at Praça do Comércio with a concert with Joss Stone, Sara Tavares and X-Wife (Joss Stone and Sara Tavares will perform an unpublished duet).

You shouldn’t miss those special days in Lisbon. And at Equity Point Lisboa we have the perfect accommodation you need to take advantage to all the events that Lisbon offers.

St Paul’s Cathedral in London


When you travel through Europe it’s pretty common to visit some of the best churches and cathedrals of each city. It gives you a glimpse of the importance on the city in the past, meanwhile you can admire awesome architecture.

In London most people visits the modern city, or maybe its royal buildings, but it also has some of the most interesting English Cathedrals, and St Paul’s Cathedral is one of them.

St Paul’s Cathedral is located at the top of Ludgate Hill, at the highest point in London. The building rates from the 17th century and it’s highly admired its late Renaissance style Dome inspired is St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

If you have the chance you should try to listen to the Cathedral organ. It was built in 1694. It’s the third biggest in Britain and has 189 ranks of pipes.

You can get to St Paul’s Cathedral from Equity Point London Hotel in a 20 minute underground ride.

Barrio Alto, the best nightlife in Lisbon

lisboa tram

Barrio Alto is a bohemian quarter of Lisbon, the favorite of writers and artists. It’s a pretty quiet place during the day that becomes the neighborhood with the most vibrant nightlife in the whole city. There you’ll find from posh fado restaurants to punk clubs, just everything you need to have the perfect night out.

Barrio Alto has a unique style with graffitis, youth culture, art galleries, bookshops, gift shops, alternative fashion shops, stylish bars… You can even find some of the best traditional and international restaurants of the city.

The main streets of Lisbon’s Barrio Alto are Rua do Norte, Rua da Atalaia and Rua do Diário de Noticias, and you’ll get to all of them in a 5 minute walk from Equity Point Lisboa Hostel.

What are you waiting to live one of the most exciting nightlifes in Europe?

Stonehenge, a one day trip from Equity Point London


Most of us have been to London several times and know the city pretty well. I like to come back every once in a while and each time I get to London I love to find something new, something unexpected that I didn’t notice in my previous visits.

If you don’t mind to leave the city for some hours, there are several one day trips that will blow your mind. It’s especially interesting the Stonehenge and Bath. A must see for everyone visiting the UK.

This particular one day trip is offered at the help desk at Equity Point London. It has a price of 55 pounds and includes: the trip and return by luxury coach, entrance into Stonehenge with audio guided tour, entrance to the roman baths –built 2000 years ago- and free time to explore Bath.
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