Amazing video about Equity Point London is a popular coolhunter Spanish web that has published an amazing video post about our hostel in London. The video is really fun but the best of it all is that you can see almost every corner of the hostel.

If you want to feel all the coolness inside the hostel and the young and friendly atmosphere that we offer, don’t forget to take a look at the video. You’ll love it!

Oh! And remember to visit us at Equity Point London Hostel!

A better location for our Hostel in Madrid


At Equity Point we’re always trying to offer the best hostels at the best locations, so to provide a better service we’re going to change our location in Madrid.

On February we will launch a new Equity Point Hostel in Madrid. It will be at Calle de la Cruz 3 and 5. The hostel already has 101 rooms with 1, 2, 3 and 4 beds. It also has a big dining room, where we will serve our free breakfast, and two living rooms working as common areas.

Equity Point will renovate all the building and its rooms to adapt the hostel to the quality standards that you always find at an Equity Point Hostel. Come and visit us!

The best ice skate rinks in London


Like every November the ice skate rinks in London are opening for the season that will end in March. It’s always a pleasure to spend a cold evening skating outdoors, so if you come to visit us this winter at our London Hostel don’t forget to some time skating.

There are many ice skate rinks in London but here’s a list with the most incredible ones: Read more

Santa Justa Elevator in Lisbon


When you stay at our hostel in Lisbon you should pay a visit to Santa Justa Elevator. It’s a lift –also known as Carmo Elevator- located at the end of Rua de Santa Justa that connects the roads of Baixa and Largo do Carmo –yes, you need a lift to go from one to the other-.

The Santa Justa Elevator is an urban lift built at the beginning of S. XX to ease the transport between the high and low neighborhoods in Lisbon. But as it also have some of the greatest views of the city,  quickly became one of the mayor tourist attractions of Lisbon.
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