My point of view #25

MY POINT OF VIEW 25 (by Tatiana Sisquella)

 So here we are: the first “My Point of View” article of the Autumn. It must be said that in Catalonia we welcome the Autumn with unusual enthusiasm. While it is undoubtedly true that many people are totally fed up by the end of the Summer with the heat and the same old clichés that are repeated year in year out between June and August, Autumn is nevertheless welcomed with a euphoria that comes more from the nature of the season itself than from that of the one we have just left behind. Let me explain.

When you come round to this time of year, you fish out that old pullover that you’d forgotten all about and that was hidden away at the back of the wardrobe. Suddenly putting on socks gives you a strangely reassuring feeling, and starting to boil up milk again in the mornings makes you feel that little bit younger. The most anxiously awaited part of all, though, is that at long last the hunting season has come round again.       

Catalans love hunting – hunting for mushrooms, that is. Such a simple activity, you wouldn’t think that it could arouse so much passion….
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