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Our Team

Oriol Badia
Carles Gras
Maria Capdevila
Area Manager - Expansion:
Clara Puig
Marta López
pilarAccounts payable
Pilar García
Junior accountant
Arantxa Guzmán
Office Administration:
Iolanda Feliu
Director of Marketing and Sales:
Gerard Belenes
Marketing Online:
Susana Font
Equity Point Barcelona Gothic and Sea Hostel Manager
Mònica Riera
Equity Point Barcelona Centric Hostel Manager
Marius Pinzariu
Equity Point Marrakech Hostel Manager
Nadia Belhouideg
Equity Point Girona Hostel Manager
Laia Canals
EP Group bookings New York, Prague and Marrakech:
Anna Salvador
ethelEquity Point Group bookings London:
Ethel Piñeiro
EP Group bookings Lisbon and Girona:
Claudia Pinzariu
Equity Point Marrakech Hostel Manager:
Xavier Vallverdú
Equity Point Lisboa Hostel Manager:
Diogo Domingos
Equity Point London Hostel Manager:
Siobhan McGuigan
Accounting Department:
Laia Garcia-Die


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