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Our Team

Oriol Badia
Carles Gras
Maria Capdevila
Area Manager - Expansion:
Clara Puig
Marta López
pilarAccounts payable
Pilar García
Junior accountant
Arantxa Guzmán
Office Administration:
Iolanda Feliu
Director of Marketing and Sales:
Gerard Belenes
Marketing Online:
Susana Font
Equity Point Barcelona Gothic and Sea Hostel Manager
Mònica Riera
Equity Point Barcelona Centric Hostel Manager
Marius Pinzariu
Equity Point Marrakech Hostel Manager
Nadia Belhouideg
Equity Point Girona & Madrid Hostel Manager
Laia Canals
EP Group bookings New York, Prague and Marrakech:
Anna Salvador
ethelEquity Point Group bookings London:
Ethel Piñeiro
EP Group bookings Madrid, Lisbon and Girona:
Claudia Pinzariu
Equity Point Marrakech Hostel Manager:
Xavier Vallverdú
Equity Point Lisboa Hostel Manager:
Diogo Domingos
Equity Point Prague Hostel Manager:
Siobhan McGuigan
Accounting Department:
Laia Garcia-Die


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