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Do you believe us when we say that Barcelona is the most vibrant, energetic, and dynamic city in the whole world? If you don’t, then come and try it for yourself!

Catalonia is one of the autonomous communities in Spain and Barcelona is its capital. Catalonia is very unique with its own history, culture and even an own language: Catalan. An interesting fact is that Catalonia was the first worldwide nation that had a parliament, which was called Consell de Cent. The laws that were made by this parliament, even had to be obeyed by the king.

During many centuries, the city was, and still is, the most vibrant and modern city of Spain. Because of its commercial harbor and its closeness to France, it was a great location for the exchange of products, but also different ideas.




In this period the city developed a rich cultural life and a good urban planning for the Olympic Games in 1992. Due to this town planning and its culture, Barcelona is known to be one of the most modern and energetic cities worldwide.

What makes Barcelona so special? A good reason for this is probably the fact that it has 4 kilometres of beaches and that it is located on the Mediterranean coastline. Also, the old quarter called Ciutat Vella, is a district that is divided into four different parts, that all have their own charm and character. Here you can find anything, from fancy and vibrant restaurants and shops, to small, hidden, picturesque squares. In the Eixample district you can see a perfect example of urban planning, and here you will also find the greatest examples of modernism. The most beautiful of these buildings were designed and built by the great architect Antonio Gaudi.


When we take a look at Barcelona’s society, we could say that the population is pretty homogeneous. Though, during the past decades this population has been changed a little bit because of a big migrant flow. Many people from very different countries visit the city and then decide to stay. Some of them are inspired by the high life quality and others decide to stay because of the great economic growth during the past couple of years.

So, Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan and energetic city, because of both its culture, and its interesting population.



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Best of Barcelona


Modernism is a very present style in the architecture of the city and you find many examples, everywhere around the city… just make sure that you have your eyes open and take your camera with you, plus an extra memory card! Modernist examples that you really shouldn’t miss are: La Casa Battló, La Sagrada Familia, and La Pedrera.

Ciutat Vella

This old part of Barcelona is a great place to discover and to get lost in during the day time and at night you will find a lot to do, too! In this quarter you can find medieval buildings, narrow streets and the fanciest shops.


Las Ramblas

This is the main avenue of Ciutat Vella. It is famous for its human statues, and the big mix of different people you will find there.
This might be the most famous avenue of Barcelona, and it is located in la Ciutat Vella. It is especially famous for the great mix of people you will find there and the human statues.

Camp Nou

 This is not only the great home of FC Barcelona, but it is also the largest football stadium worldwide.


Boqueria Market

If you are looking for many different kinds of fresh food, go there! It is a typical 20th century market.

Ciutadella Park

 Barcelona residents come here when they need a break from all the concrete; a perfect place to relax.


Santa Maria del Mar Church

This church, which was built by the population itself, without any help from the noble or the king, might be the best example of “ Catalan Gothic”. It definitely is a wonder of elegance and peace.

Night Life

Just go and discover it on your own…

La Barceloneta and the beach

The ancient atmosphere of this old fisherman’s quarter will never disappear, even though the neighbourhood is under transformation. For the 1992 Olympic Games the beaches were created and this is a perfect place to get a tan, to walk, be active, or have a drink or eat in one of the many bars and restaurants.

Even though this old fisherman’s neighbourhood is undergoing a transformation, the typical atmosphere will never disappear. The beaches that you can find here, were created for the Olympic Games in 1992. They are perfect for getting a tan, play games on the beach, or just chill and have a drink or meal in of the restaurants and bars around.

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