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HostelArt creates in its hostels an alternative cultural space, which offers room and

opportunities to new creators, new ideas, and new ways of propagating art and culture, by developing a non profit-makin

g project open to all creative artists who wish to show their work in a context in which the artists themselves, the public, and the hostel all benefit.


• To support the work of independent artists and to help them carry out their projects.
• To offer an eclectic sample of various artistic disciplines.
• To collaborate with entities and collectives that carry out activities in the cultural s

phere as a driving force for social change.
• To plan projects in collaboration with organisations of cooperation, integration and development through the medium of cultural activities, and also to carry out individual initiatives in an independent way.
• To serve as a meeting point for individuals who have a certain level of social concern and artistic sensitivity.
• To stage theme-based activities and multi-disciplinary events, thus bringing artists and the public closer together through original ideas.
• To act as a centre of artistic training and research, which will start out by offering short workshops for local people and backpackers who wish to participate. Each of these will have its own working theme, educational objective, and exhibit on stage or in the exhibition room, upon completion.
• To give new life to the concept of hostels and bed & breakfasts, with these initiatives.

Monthly programmes
Terms and Conditions

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  • Nomad art
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  • Terms & Conditions
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  • Programmes
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  • The Project
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  • Events
    Festivales y Jornadas temáticas multidisciplinares que sirvan de soporte a la promoción del arte y la cultura con un carácter también lúdico para albergue conectando público y artistas de manera directa gracias a la participación activa.
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