St Paul’s Cathedral in London


When you travel through Europe it’s pretty common to visit some of the best churches and cathedrals of each city. It gives you a glimpse of the importance on the city in the past, meanwhile you can admire awesome architecture.

In London most people visits the modern city, or maybe its royal buildings, but it also has some of the most interesting English Cathedrals, and St Paul’s Cathedral is one of them.

St Paul’s Cathedral is located at the top of Ludgate Hill, at the highest point in London. The building rates from the 17th century and it’s highly admired its late Renaissance style Dome inspired is St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

If you have the chance you should try to listen to the Cathedral organ. It was built in 1694. It’s the third biggest in Britain and has 189 ranks of pipes.

You can get to St Paul’s Cathedral from Equity Point London Hotel in a 20 minute underground ride.