Two Days in Prague

Two Days in Prague

This fairy tale city has plenty of Bohemian charm with its impressive architecture, historical cobbled streets and views from the hill-top castle. Enjoy the Czech capital’s unique beauty with our guide to what to see with two days in Prague.
Prague - the Vlatna River

Prague – the Vlatna River

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London in Two Days

London in Two Days

How to make the best of 48 hours in this cool capital, from free museums to the best places to eat. Check out our guide of what to do in London in two days.


The view from Waterloo Bridge

The view from Waterloo Bridge

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Lisbon’s Museu Nacional dos Coches


Portugal’s imperial past has left some magnificent treasures to Lisbon, and some of them are available in museums as the ‘Museu Nacional Dos Coches’, which has one of the finniest collections of historical carriages of the world. Now is one of the most visited museums of the city.

The museum was created by Queen Amelia of Orleans and Bragança and inaugurated on May 23rd of 1905. With a collection of carriages from 16th to 19th centuries made in Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Austria and England.

In the ‘Museu Nacional dos Coches‘ there are around 60 carriages perfectly repaired and also you can find some pictures and antiques. The museum is located at Jardim do Ultramar at Barrio de Belém, just 20 minutes walking from Equity Point Lisboa.

The Charles Dickens Museum


Literature fans have several spots to visit in London but probably the most interesting is the Charles Dickens Museum. Charles Dickens only lived here for two years, form 1837 to 1839, but it’s the only Dickens house that has survived over time. The house is located at 48 Doughty Street, at Bloomsbury, just a few minutes away from our hostel in London.

Charles Dickens moved in a year after he got married and lived in with his wife and his three eldest children –two of them born in the house-. During the two years that he lived in the house, Charles Dickens finished ‘The Pickwick Papers’, wrote the entire ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ and started writing ‘Barnaby Rudge’. Continue reading

Madame Tussauds


Over the years Madame Tussauds wax museum in London has become one of the mayor tourist attractions of the city. Its worldwide fame started to arose centuries ago when Marie Tussaud was still alive.

Marie Tussaud was the housekeeper of a Swiss doctor who was skilled in wax modeling, she learned the art and created her first wax figure en 1777, it was Voltaire. She also modeled other important figures of the time like Rousseau or Benjamin Franklin. Continue reading

Tate Modern Museum

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

If you travel to London and love modern art it’s pretty obvious you should pay a visit to Tate Modern Museum in London. If you want to get there from our Equity Point London Hostel you only need a short underground ride.

The permanent collection of Tate Modern is one of the most complete in Contemporary Art. It includes famous pieces from Picasso, Warhol Dalí, Monet, Bacon, Kandinski, Mondrain, Braque, Matisse, Lichtenstein, Duchamp… Walking through Tate Modern is like experiencing all the history of contemporary Art in a morning. Completely astonishing.

Because Tate Modern has attracted more visitors than expected, they’re planning to expand in 2012, just in time for the London Olympic Games. Continue reading

London’s Natural History Museum


One of my favorite museums in London is the Natural History Museum. If you want to get there from Equity Point London Hostel, there’s a 20 minute pleasant walk across Hyde Park.

The Natural History museum in London has over 70 million items distributed in collections about Botany, Entomology, Mineralogy, Paleontology and Zoology. But obviously the museum is famous for the incredible amount of dinosaur skeletons. As soon as you get into the building, which is an incredible 1881 creation of Alfred Waterhouse, you get trapped by the magnificent Diplodocus that presides the hall. Then you can enjoy all the different dinosaur skeletons and reproductions of the Museum. Continue reading

The British Museum


The British Museum’ is one of the mayor museums in London and a must for a first time visit to London. The ‘British Museum’ is the museum of human history and culture and has one of the largest collections in the world with objects from all eras and cultures.

In the same building you can find the previous location of the British Library, an awesome space called The Round Reading Room. In the past it was used as an important research library but now it’s opened to the general public and has relevant books on subjects related to the museum’s collections. Continue reading