Why Barcelona now?

Hi there guys,

just wondering, how your traveling is going, cause all seems to be good in here !

There are so many reasons to be in Barcelona this time a year, that would be unfair to give names or places, but…

Wine in Barcelona Gothic Quarter

 … from wondering around the Gothic neighborhood, and tasting the good wines of the area, while enjoying a real good paella, to visiting the flea markets that we have in November or just sitting in the harbor and trusting the wind some of your thoughts! The sight is changing bit by bit, but the sun still has the power to welcome anyone who walks around the harbor.

At night, the image is painted with party colors; though summer is considered the best season for wild nights out, November, with its concerts, and the nostalgia of hot sunny days, has a well known place in the agenda! Jazz in Barcelona

This month, the jazz belongs to Barcelona, as you can enjoy concerts everywhere around the city, for the Voll-Damm Jazz festival in on all month! If this is not your thing then you can stop in Apollo theatre and see Fame, one of the most impressive musicals, or simple get inside the temple of soccer Camp Nou, and see Barcelona’s team playing on the 9th against Valladolid. If not start dreaming with the Boats Exposition we have every year on this days, where you can see the most beautiful yachts in the whole world. For the ladies, you won’t believe it, but there is a Weddings expo on, where you can get an idea on how the European designers see you on your wedding day (8th and 9th at Fira Barcelona ), and from the 6th to the 9th there are 3 magic days at the chocolate museum, that you would really like!

Camp Nou - FC Barcelona

Same impressive places, same flavor of the Catalan origins everywhere you look, spiced with the autumn sun and same music of the world lost artists, that lay there talent at every corner of the Gothic! Not so crowded anymore, people start to relax, as gentle winter is almost here.

If you make it here, you will discover Barcelona’s autumn, and we’ll be guiding your steps to an unforgettable experience in Catalonia’s capital!

As for us, we’re still here, improving our services day by day, hoping that we can satisfy the taste of everyone who passed our doorstep in search of this city’s adventure! It is hard to say what Barcelona has that makes us stay, but we are sure that you will feel the same magnetism in every step you take on the streets, and you will fall in love with the place the same as all of us did!

Safe traveling to all of you out there,

and see you soon!

Marius Pinzariu – The Centric Point Hostel Director

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