Tragedy in Haiti

OnJanuary 12th there was a devastating earthquake in Haiti, the poorest country in South America. The entire world was shocked by the magnitude of the tragedy and everybody tried to help as they could.
Haiti earthquake

Equity Point also raised money for aid in two different events: we sponsored a solidarity concert called Toca Haití, and hosted another event at Equity Point Centric in Barcelona.

Toca Haití took place on February 24th at BeCool concert hall. The 7 Euros that the assistants paid to listen to Meneo, 4t1a, Samitier and Freud Quiere Bailar were designated to 15 different projects that the charity NPO Manos Unidas started in Haiti to help the local people.

On the other hand, Equity Point’s HostelArt project arranged another concert on February 18th at Equity Point Centric, where Beerots Bangers and La Otra Parte played live. There was no entrance fee but the assistants made their donations to the cause. The 696 Euros raised were deposited at the Red Cross bank account that was created to help Haiti.

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