My point of view #28

MY POINT OF VIEW 28 (by Tatiana Sisquella)

It's cold indeed, isn’t it? In fact, it's snowing in many parts of Catalonia. It's snowing where they're used to it, but also right by the sea, no need to go further than Barceloneta. We like watching the snow, especially those of us who only get to see it in those little glass snowballs we occasionally shake in the shops just to put them back on the shelf and forget about them once the snowflakes hit the ground.

The thing is –snow is romantic. There, I've said it; and there’s nothing wrong about it. Yet, it feels like talking about romantic things is kind of scary; it's uncool and it makes us look soft. I really think that a lot of the things that we like to look at, the things that make us relax and reflect, are romantic images and sensations, in the strictest sense of the word. Flames and glowing embers in a fireplace, the trickle or gush of running water, the sunset that paints the sky… I can even get a sweet sugary sensation just by writing down this list. We should get over this fear of things we find romantic; snow being one of them.

So, we defenders of romanticism are in luck because, according to the forecasts of those who know how to forecast, the next few days will be the coldest of the year, which will more than likely result in snow.

Snow in Barcelona

Whenever it snows in Barcelona, a strange thing happens, something magical, like something from a bygone era, something innocent, that innocence our grandparents had when they were children but which is totally unknown to children these days. I think people become nicer when it snows. Somehow they are less noisy, they are calmer and less aggressive.

Snow acts as an antidote to a city that's always in a hurry, always late; a city that raises its voice too often, whether it's angry or having fun, a city that could do with taking a couple of days off due to anxiety, a city that makes me angry like a teenage sister who, in spite of everything, I always love and forgive and miss when I am far away.

In the next few days it will snow in Barcelona and it will be in all the newspapers, no doubt, on the front cover, and on the TV news, and even on the radio. And it will be serious snow, because however few flakes fall, the unusualness of it will turn them into avalanches. At least, this is what has always happened before.

Enjoy the city all dressed up like an iced doughnut, eat up the streets with your eyes, savour the special walks and smack your lips over the memory of a unique postcard.

QUESTION: Why Barcelona?
ANSWER: Because it's so romantic.


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