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Sometimes internet users give you nice surprises. And that’s what happened at Tripadvisor with the amazing review of Equity Point Marrakech by Oneredpanther. It sounds more as a novel passage than an internet review. Take a look at it, it’s gorgeous.

Exploring Equity Point on the first day is like unexpectedly winning the millionaire-prize in the hostel lottery.

The dark yet comfortable reception gives way to a leafy fountained courtyard, myriad immaculately tiled corridors, shafts of light pooling from the open roofs, scrupulously clean bathrooms and finally the centrepiece courtyard flanked by white arched galleries surrounding a perfect four-stroke swimming pool. Overlooking the pool is a sumptuous divan outside the impressive 8-bed dorm.

Flying through intricately ornamented corridors and spiraling staircases will eventually land oneself at the mezzanined rooftop terraces, bar and restaurant. Negotiating the opening hours are more art than science, but multi-flavoured hookahs (unlimited coals so long as the tobacco lasts) can be smoked between about 1500 and 2300 and the bar kicks out around 2330, although order the extremely palatable 100Dh rose wine and store it in the fridge by the pool for later.

Beach yourself firmly on the upper terrace for sunset and enjoy the cacophonous call to prayer with drinks and good company.

It should be noted that although the staff are firm but fair in their upholding of the nighttime peace, it is common for low-key gatherings to occur between 2300 and 0300 around the swimming pool most evenings. If you’re young and friendly this is an effervescent social nirvana, but perhaps less-so if you’re offended by the sight and sound of twenty-somethings having a good time.

The social perfection of Equity Point shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re interested in meeting other travelers, then all that is required is to remain within 50m of the pool and bar and the shuffling of cosmic itineraries will deliver fresh acquaintances to your deckchair every day, no effort required.

There is a collective spirit aflame in this hostel unlike any other. For occasional instants, when zooming through the twists and turns becomes navigatory second-nature, it’s as though the travelers own this opulent little palace and their footsteps charge the hallways with a pulse of its own.

The cleaning staff are fastidious and efficient. You’ll often wake up with your room already cleaned while you were dreaming, else come home from a trip to the souks with your bedclothes neatly folded and a fresh towel at your disposal. The tap-water is drinkable, the showers hot and you’ll actually miss the delicate chlorine smell before long.

Reception staff were outstanding from the outset. Nothing was too much trouble and nobody was asked to part with a single Dirham until checkout since any excursion days were discountable. Smiling, it seems, comes before money at Equity Point.

Bedrooms are simple yet functional. The 8-bed dorm is an aesthetic masterpiece. Meaty mattresses, pleasing pillows and brilliant Berber rugs make sleeping comfortable. Air conditioning does its best to keep out the dry heat, but the shady riad has a microclimate of its own – the lower levels beautifully cool, the terraces suitably scorching. Each bed comes with a sturdy and spacious locker, easily digesting a large backpack and souvenirs. There is free unsecured wifi everywhere, extremely useful.

Equity Point is a rare gem. Yes it’s a hostel, but you’ll feel part of a secret nobility in this palatial riad. Nothing would dampen my hearty recommendation of this outstanding accommodation.

I’ll be back!

Original comment: Tripadvisor

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