Belly Dance Master Class at Equity Point Marrakech

We’re always trying to please our guests and Marrakech is a very special place with a rich culture that is available to the visitors in many different ways. For that reason we offer dessert trips, Moroccan cuisine classes, spa sessions, and now: a Belly dance master class.

Our teacher, Jiham, is a great dancer and is willing to teach every of Equity Point Marrakech guests the sensual moves that have made belly dance famous all around the world.

The class lasts for 45 minutes, and when you finish there is tea and Moroccan pastries for all the pupils.

Hope you’ll like it!

3 thoughts on “Belly Dance Master Class at Equity Point Marrakech

  1. My sister and I are looking for a belly dancing lesson for sometime from Feb 13-15. In Marrakech . Do you have any lessons available?

  2. Dear Equity,
    My friends and I will be in Marrakech from the 23-27Nov 16, therefore I ask: Do you have any lesson available for any of those days between 24-27 as we arrive on the 23rd.
    I await your response,
    Jael Kabeya

  3. Hi, I was there is 4 of us that would love to take the belly dancing class., However we are not going to be staying in your hotel . Can we still pay the fee and take the class?

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