Stonehenge, a one day trip from Equity Point London


Most of us have been to London several times and know the city pretty well. I like to come back every once in a while and each time I get to London I love to find something new, something unexpected that I didn’t notice in my previous visits.

If you don’t mind to leave the city for some hours, there are several one day trips that will blow your mind. It’s especially interesting the Stonehenge and Bath. A must see for everyone visiting the UK.

This particular one day trip is offered at the help desk at Equity Point London. It has a price of 55 pounds and includes: the trip and return by luxury coach, entrance into Stonehenge with audio guided tour, entrance to the roman baths –built 2000 years ago- and free time to explore Bath.

The trip takes around 2 hours and departs every day at 7:30hrs and gets back to London at 19hrs.

Please ask for more information at Equity Point London’s Reception.

Picture | thegarethwiscombe

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