Portobello Market


Portobello Market fame is known all over the world, being popular equally among Londoners and tourists. It’s located at Portobello Road where you can also find numerous independent shops, but the main attraction is the market which opens six days a week. The most popular market takes place on Saturdays when the antique’s market arises.

In the Portobello Market the merchandises are ordered in areas, so you’ll find an antiques market, a fruit and vegetables market and a flea market. To visit them all you just have to go down the street. But if you’re hungry don’t bother to get to the food area because through the street you’ll find restaurants, cafes and street food stalls that serve delicious food.

Portobello road was constructed around 1850 during the Victorian Era, that’s why predominates the mid and late Victorian terrace houses. Prior to that, in the area, known as Green Lane, there was a farm.

Portobello Market opens Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6:30pm.
It’s close to Noting Hill Underground stop, but it’s at walking distance from Equity Point London Hostel.

Image | EricDarmstad (flickr)

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