London’s Soho, the best night out


Almost every major city has a district that congregates the Red Light District, the Gay neighborhood with some of the most amazing Pubs and Clubs in town. In London this place is Soho, a district to look for trendy restaurants, clubs, pubs, Live Music, theatres, and even burlesque shows.

London’s Soho was the first district to create this unique bohemian atmosphere that has spread to cities all over the world such as New York, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires.

The Soho is a part of the West End and has its artistic vive and glam. When you walk through Carnaby Steet you can see the most cosmopolitan London and you feel the same as the shops, restaurants and clubs became really diverse and unique.

If you go to London you must take a walk through Soho streets and shopping, clubbing or just to have a snak, but if you want to feel the most bohemian and trendy London, you shouldn’t miss the Soho.

And it only takes 15 minutes on the tube to get to Soho from Equity Point London Hotel.

Photo | Stephen McKay

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