Hyde Park, an awesome park close to our Hostel

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London and it’s really close to Equity Point London Hostel. If you want to have pleasant times enjoying its magnificent gardens you just have a ten minute walk from the Hostel.

Hyde Park is divided by the Serpentine River –actually it’s a lake- in two big parts. Serpentine takes its name of its snaky curves. In the lake there are ducks and swans but you can rent a boat and sometimes boat races are performed. But the most astonishing characteristic of Serpentine is that there’s a separate portion of the lake called Lansbury’s Lido, that it’s open in the summer as a swimming area. To enjoy the swimming you must pay a small fee and there are changing rooms.

The Speakers Corner it’s also an interesting place to visit. There anyone is able to speak in public –but only if your speech isn’t lawless-. Although most of the speakers are anonymous people, some historical figures have used it, such as: Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx or George Orwell.

Frequently there are huge music concerts in Hyde Park, some of the biggest concerts in London have taken place there so if you want to attend, Equity Point London Hostel is the best choice to book a bed.

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