Enjoy London plays and musicals

London is one of the cities which offer more plays and musicals in Europe. Over 12 million of people attend each year to see some of the best plays and musicals in the world which include musicals with great success such as ‘Billy Eliot’, ‘The Producers’ and ‘Mary Poppins’.

Lately most spectacles include American screen actors that increase the appealing of attending to the theater. The audience has been able to watch the performances of the Broadway diva Indina Menzel or from Hollywood stars such as Rob Lowe, Tobey Maguire, Kim Cattrall or Kevin Spacey.

Every day there are dozens of interesting plays for all kinds of people. ‘Billy Eliot’, ‘Chicago’ and ‘Wicked’ have had a great success, but nowadays the adaptations of the movies ‘Legally Blond’ and ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ are welcoming large audiences.

For those who don’t like musicals there’s also a huge offer or comedies and dramas. Personally now I would recommend in the category of drama ‘Onassis’ -which narrates the live of the Greek shipowner-, and ‘The Comedy of Errors’ is a classical hilarious comedy by William Shakespeare.

And remember, if you want to watch them all you can stay at our hostel in London which is pretty close to the theaters.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy London plays and musicals

  1. Mr. Altobello, your prose sparkles more than Ms. Cattrall’s sateen pantsuit (which ought to be no surprise), and you have mightily enhanced my appreciation for a movie I will never watch. Andrew McCarthy + Kim Cattrall + The 80’s + Synthesizers = A trip to the vomitorium for me, Chaplin reference or no. But your blog ROCKS!!! Long live you and your clipping, Paramount-threatening ways.

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