Covent Garden

Covent Garden by Chill

Covent Garden by Chill

Covent Garden is one of the most famous districts in London with its famous market, cafes and theaters. Walking around Covent Garden is always a pleasure, especially at weekends and summer time when the number of street performers grows and the pedestrian square gets crowded.

Covent Garden is an extremely popular district in London due to its bars, shops and restaurants, but also for being the home of the most important theaters and Operas in the city, including the Royal Opera House.

When you get to London you must always have a walk through the Covent Garden Market Piazza and the Central Market, a shopping mall selling clothes and gifts; the Seven Dials, an intersection of seven streets with designer clothing stores; and St. Paul Church which was completed in 1963.

And if you like performing arts it’s always amazing to attend to one of the shows and musicals where is frequent to enjoy some famous actors on stage.

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