Attend to the Royal Wedding in London


The 29th of April at Westminster Abbey will take place the Royal Wedding so Prince William and Kate Middleton will get married. The event will be huge and all the city of London will do its best to improve its appearance.

It’s the perfect occasion to enjoy London and all its classic glamour. So if you want to attend and watch live how Kate Middleton gets to Westminster Abbey by car –this time there won’t be a carriage-, you can stay at Equity Point London Hostel.

After the wedding there will be another chance to see the newly married, as the couple will travel in a glass carriage procession to Buckingham Palace. There the Queen will host a reception and later the Prince of Wales will host a private dinner and a dancing.

If you want to live this fairy tale in first hand, take advantage of Equity Point London Hostel.

Photo | Sir James

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