Lisbon is a beautiful Portuguese city with a rich historical past that starts even before the Roman Empire. This cultural heritage is common for most European cities but in Lisbon emerges in magnificent castles, impressive churches and eclectic neighborhoods in a unique and fascinating way.

Lisbon is set on seven hills that give the city distinctive skylight with narrow streets, picturesque architecture and tiny yellow trams. When you walk through the streets of Lisbon you’ll cross incredible buildings, great boulevards and lots of monuments, particularly in the upper districts like Barrio Alto. The Rio Tejo flows through the streets into the Atlanctic Ocean adding splendid bridges to the city.

When you visit Lisbon you can enjoy the melancholy of Fados, the unusual nightlife of the city, its numerous Museums, the great shopping areas, the local markets and the fascinating sights.

Unarguably visiting Lisbon is a must.

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