Costa Caparica, Lisbon’s beach


If you go to Lisbon this summer you can also go to the beach, swim in the Atlantic Ocean and sunbath. Although Lisbon doesn’t have a beach there are some really close and the most famous of all is Costa Caparica.

Costa Caparica is about 40 minutes away from Lisbon by bus -you should get the bus at plaza España-. There are several beaches at Costa Caparica which are very popular at summer but not too crowded. And in the summer there’s a small train that makes several stops along the 10 km of beaches of Costa Caparica.

At Costa Caparica you can find whatever style of beach you prefer: family beach, nude beach, gay beach, surfers beach… But you can also find some other fun things to do as there are plenty of bars, a market, a course of golf, exquisite fish restaurants, an impressive fossil cliff you shouldn’t miss, the charming XXVI century Convento dos Capuchos…

If you want to spend a day at the beach or out of the city, this is one of the best spots. You’ll love it while you stay at Equity Point Lisbon this summer.

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