Stay tuned: A new hostel coming soon!


We are always trying to please our clients and give them the Equity Point experience every time they travel but that’s not possible as long as we don’t have hostels everywhere –but we’d like to-.

We want to solve this problem opening new Equity Point Hostels to allow every traveler to enjoy affordable accommodation with the best quality standards that distinguish Equity Point Hostels.

So, stay tuned because in a few days we’ll have a new Equity Point Hostel. Where will it be?

One thought on “Stay tuned: A new hostel coming soon!

  1. Buenos dias,

    Estoy organizando un viaje a Barcelona para un fin de semana del mes de marzo con un grupo de 28 personas (25 jovenes y 3 adultos).
    Me gustaria saber cual serian el precio total para las 28 personas dos noches (viernes y sabado) y cual seria la disposicion de las habitaciones, es decir, si son de 4, 6 o 8 personas.


    Laura Cuenca
    Centre Europe Direct Picardie

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