5 reasons for travelling with a backpack

5 reasons for travelling with a backpack

Backpacking is one of the most awesome and incomparable ways of travelling. When one is a backpacker for a while, it becomes a different person and will never see the life as he used to do before it. In this posts, we bring you 5 reasons for travelling with a backpack.

5 reasons for travelling with a backpack

We’re a chain of hostels where you can enjoy the eclectic city of Lisbon, the cold and historic Prague, the unequalled Marrakech, the frenetic rhythm of London or the outstanding Barcelona. In our hostels, you will meet a crazy amount of backpackers and travellers who, like you, understand life as an unique opportunity to do something unforgettable.

You will meet inspiring people.

In hostels like ours, people comes from different parts of the planet and every single one of them has an amazing story behind. You will meet people who will change your life and your perspective on problems and beauties of it. Our hostels around the world are really inspiring places.

5 reasons for travelling with a backpack

5 reasons for travelling with a backpack


You will develop amazing skills.

You will learn to distribute much better your resources and will be able to do a lot of things with a very limited budget. These are incredibly useful skills for life that will provide you with autonomy and a more effective way of spending your energy, time and money.


You won’t have a home anymore.

And you know what? That’s an incredible feeling. When you feel that you don’t belong to a specific place but to the entire world, your perspective from life changes radically. It makes you more conscious and also freer.

5 reasons for travelling with a backpack

5 reasons for travelling with a backpack

You will become a richer person.

Backpacking provides you with different values like generosity, empathy and self-confidence. When you share your space and time with people, you think less of yourself and more of others.


You will see the world differently.

Before travelling world looks like and infinite place, but after some trips, you will realise that in reality everything is closer than you thought and the planet becomes a place where everything is just a couple of hours away from when you actually are.

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We hope you enjoy this 5 reasons for travelling with a backpack!

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