5 Alternative Things to do in Prague

The Golden City is famous for Europe’s largest castle, the astronomical clock and the view from Charles Bridge, but delve a little deeper and you’ll find this Bohemian city has plenty more to offer. Escape the crowds and check out our 5 alternative things to do in Prague.

copyright Ivan Galik

copyright Ivan Galik


The view across the river Vlatna with Charles Bridge and the castle in the background has become symbolic of the city and is certainly not to be missed in Prague. Wander off the beaten track and there are plenty of cool things to do and other great spots around town for a view of this amazing city. Find out more.

1. Nuclear Bunker Tour – behind the Iron Curtain

Get in to the Eastern European vibe with a nuclear bunker tour into Prague’s past in this ex-Soviet Bunker 5 stories below the ground. A relic from the Cold War and evocative of the fear and danger that was faced in daily life in a communist era of violence and spying. There are plenty of historic artefacts from behind the Iron Curtain such as gas masks and guns and information about Prague’s dark past. You have to take a tour to see this as it’s not for independent visitors but it is well worth it and you get plenty of chilling information. It’s also open in the evening as a night club!


2. Visit Naplavka Food Market 

 Naplavka Farmers Market is a Saturday local produce market where you can buy traditional produce such as smoked meats, cheeses, pickled local specialties, baked treats and cakes. This is a great place to sample some different Czech dishes and they have local beer tastings too. There’s a calendar of events (mostly in summer) and an amazing view of the the river and castle. A favourite is the ‘Wurst-kunst’ (sausage campfire cooking). Saturdays 8am-2pm

3. Explore Alternative Neighborhoods

The centre of Prague is beautifully preserved and an architectural and cultural homage to Medieval and Gothic architecture, however there are many modern sites to see away from the romance of the old town. Further from the city center there are some more local and ‘authentic’ neighbourhoods where you can see the affects of the Velvet Revolution culturally and politically. Check out the contemporary art scene in Karlín at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Holešovice; a new gallery exhibiting thought provoking art, and the more underground scenes of street art and graffiti. The cool alternative art commune at Trafacka has now closed for development.

4. Visit Letná Park

Stroll across the Most Legií bridge from the Žižkov district to the island and visit Letná Park. Inside the park don’t miss the Shoe Monument at the top of the stairs leading into the park and replacing the world’s largest statue of Joseph Stalin which was destroyed in 1962. There is open air cinema all Summer on weekdays (9pm, 100 CZK) and a small floating bar on the waterfront.

Letna Park

5. Kampa Island

Head across Charles Bridge to the Lesser Town (Malá Strana) end of the Bridge which leads to Kampa Island – a local neighbourhood with picturesque  houses along the waterfront with views of the city and little cafes. Known as the “the Venice of Prague” you can rent rowboats here or enjoy one of the cafes with views of the Old Town across the river. Head to the modern European art museum – Kampa Museum and the Velkoprevorské námestí (Grand Priory Square). Here you can see ‘Lennon Wall’ that is covered in lyrics from songs written by The Beatles. Head under Charles Bridge off Mostecká at Lázenská and and check out the sculpture at Cihelná. There are some good choices for lunch in this area at reasonable prices.

Kampa Island


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