10 Things to see and do in Prague this Autumn

10 Things to see and do in Prague this Autumn

As the leaves change colour and the nights become cold this romantic city is full of charm, here are 10 Things to see in Prague this Autumn.

10 Things to see and do in Prague this Autumn

10 Things to see and do in Prague this Autumn

If you’re visiting Prague this autumn then there’s plenty to look forward to, from opera performances to the International Jazz Festival. When it’s cold outside, treat yourself to some tasty Czech food, or even a spa in the famous nearby spa towns.

1. Enjoy the International Jazz Festival!

From October until 6th November you can enjoy the 38th International Jazz Festival! Reduta Jazz Club is hosting tributes to John Coltrane and Billie Holiday – don’t miss out! Find out more about all the jazz here


2. Eat Czech Food

Czech food is made for cold weather and they have the most amazing stews, meats and soups for cold days – all with dumplings on the side.  And yes ‘guláš’ may have originated in neighbouring Hungary as ‘goulash’, but the Czech’s have made their own version with potato dumplings. For traditional meatloaf or great burgers try quality butcher/bistro Naše masoU Parlamentu is one of our favourites, serving up traditional dishes like traditional onion soup, Czech beer cheese, smoked meats and plenty of pork and dumplings.


3. Check out the Art Galleries

Prague has some great galleries with international and local exhibitions – this autumn see the Henri Rosseau in Prague at the Kinsky Palace, 700 years of Charles IV – Dying of an Emperor at the Czech Museum of Music and 3 centuries of Cranach and American Art in Prints at the National Gallery. There is also an exhibition on Czech Cubism until 2018. Find out what’s going on here.

10 Things to see and do in Prague this Autumn
4. See a performance at the Opera

Prague is famous for its opera and concerts and there are always plenty of performances around town. This Autumn see Bizet’s Carmen and Puccini’s La Boheme at the National Theatre, Dvorak’s Rusalka at the Karlin Musical Theatre and Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro & The Magic Flute at the Estates Theatre. The ballet Swan Lake is also playing in November. For a list of concerts, opera and ballet performances check here.

5. Grab a beer in a traditional pub! 

Once you’re done with walking around, treat yourself to one of Prague’s best local experiences – their beer! Don’t miss the Staropramen brewery in the Smíchov district, and some of the most famous ‘pubs’ in Prague U Fleku and Pivovarský dum – U Fleku is over 500 years old! Along with the traditional beer places there’s also a newcomer; the microbrewery Novomestský where you can order a 10 litre barrel! They have live music in the evenings and beer tours.




6. Enjoy coffee on the terrace

Yes even if it’s cold outside! In Prague you’ll be given blankets to keep cosy under and you can watch the street life as passing by with a hot chocolate (or a cold beer!) We like Cafe Lounge in the lesser quarter for their courtyard terrace and great coffee.  

7. Take a walk in Letná Park

Autumn is the best time to visit Prague’s parks, and our favourite is Letná Park. You can walk up to the Park from Most Legií bridge from the Žižkov district onto the island. The park is a great spot to enjoy the fall leaves and colours. Inside the park at the entrance stairs is the Shoe Monument replacing the world’s largest statue of Joseph Stalin which was destroyed in 1962.



8. Enjoy a cocktail in a traditional Czech bar

Warm up in a traditional bar – our favourite is Bugsy’s Bar. This cocktail bar has a long history and great menu of creative and traditional cocktails. The bar started in 1994 but was renovated in 2010 – and since then they’ve claimed to serve the best cocktails in Prague! Worth a visit. 

10 Things to see and do in Prague this Autumn

Karlovy Vary Elisabeth Spa


9. Go for a Spa in nearby Karlov Vary

When the weather starts to turn cold then it’s time for a spa! The nearby famous spa town of Karlov Vary has 13 mineral springs. Located in West Bohemia (and part of a triangle of three spa towns) it is set in the forest and has had a lot of famous visitors to the classy spas. It’s a beautiful town so enjoy an autumnal visit for some relaxing and curative treatment! Find out how to get there here – Karlovy Vary is easily accessible by bus from the Florenc Terminal.

10. An evening of jazz on the river 

What could be more cosy than an evening cruise on the Jazz Boat? The perfect setting for an autumn evening as you listen to some live music and see the city from the river.


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We hope you enjoyed 10 Things to see and do in Prague this Autumn!

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